May 23
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Birthdays In History 1953

1953 Gary Johnson American businessman and politician 29th Governor of New Mexico

1953 Justin Fleming Australian playwright and author

1953 Mohammed Waheed Hassan Maldivian educator and politician 5th President of the Maldives

1953 Peter Taylor English footballer and manager

1953 Norberto Alonso Argentinian footballer

1953 Pamela Sue Martin American actress

1953 Mike Rann English-Australian journalist and politician 44th Premier of South Australia

1953 George Tenet American civil servant and academic 18th Director of Central Intelligence

1953 Malcolm Young Scottish-Australian singer-songwriter guitarist and producer (d. 2017)

1953 Robert Longo American painter and sculptor

1953 Bruce Sutter American baseball pitcher (d. 2022)

1953 Pat Benatar American singer-songwriter

1953 Bobby Rahal American race car driver

1953 Graham Allen English politician Vice-Chamberlain of the Household

1953 Kostas Skandalidis Greek engineer and politician Greek Minister of Agricultural Development and Food

1953 Mary Harron Canadian director and screenwriter

1953 Silvana Gallardo American actress and producer (d. 2012)

1953 David Clary English chemist and academic

1953 Denzil Douglas Caribbean educator and politician 2nd Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis

1953 Hans Westerhoff Dutch biologist and academic

1953 Randy White American football player

1953 Robert Jay Mathews American militant founded The Order (d. 1984)

1953 Jeff Berlin American bass player and educator

1953 Carlos Johnson American singer and guitarist

1953 B. K. Misra Indian neurosurgeon

1953 Peter Moon Australian comedian and actor

1953 Brett Hudson American singer-songwriter and producer

1953 Desi Arnaz Jr. American actor and singer

1953 Richard Legendre Canadian tennis player and politician

1953 Wayne Schimmelbusch Australian footballer and coach

1953 Jeffrey Epstein American financier and convicted sex offender (d. 2019)

1953 Felipe Yáñez Spanish cyclist

1953 Winfried Berkemeier German footballer and manager

1953 Myung-whun Chung South Korean pianist and conductor

1953 Jim Jarmusch American director and screenwriter

1953 John Luther Adams American composer

1953 Alister McGrath Irish priest historian and theologian

1953 Antonio Villaraigosa American politician 41st Mayor of Los Angeles

1953 Robin Zander American rock singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Yuri Bashmet Russian violinist viola player and conductor

1953 Alik L. Alik Micronesian politician 7th Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia

1953 Anders Fogh Rasmussen Danish politician and diplomat 39th Prime Minister of Denmark

1953 Lucinda Williams American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Teresa Teng Taiwanese singer (d. 1995)

1953 Charlie Wilson American singer-songwriter and producer

1953 Fred Hembeck American author and illustrator

1953 Duane Chapman American bounty hunter

1953 Jerry Sisk Jr. American gemologist co-founded Jewelry Television (d. 2013)

1953 Robert Brazile American football player

1953 Mary Steenburgen American actress

1953 Ciarán Hinds Irish actor

1953 Ezechiele Ramin Italian missionary priest and martyr (d. 1985)

1953 Gabriel Rotello American journalist and author founded OutWeek

1953 Philip Anglim American actor

1953 Tom Veryzer American baseball player (d. 2014)

1953 Akio Sato Japanese wrestler and manager

1953 Ernie Howe English footballer and manager

1953 Lynn Whitfield American actress and producer

1953 John Bradbury English drummer songwriter and producer (d. 2015)

1953 Lanny McDonald Canadian ice hockey player and manager

1953 Roberta Williams American video game designer co-founded Sierra Entertainment

1953 Corrado Barazzutti Italian tennis player

1953 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Argentine lawyer and politician President of Argentina and Vice President of Argentina

1953 Massimo Troisi Italian actor director and screenwriter (d. 1994)

1953 Poison Ivy American singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 William Petersen American actor and producer

1953 Nigel Planer English actor and screenwriter

1953 Kenny Bee Hong Kong singer-songwriter guitarist and actor

1953 Satoru Nakajima Japanese racing driver

1953 Anatoli Kozhemyakin Soviet footballer (d. 1974)

1953 José María Aznar Spanish politician; Prime Minister of Spain 1996–2004

1953 Gavin Esler Scottish journalist and author

1953 Ian Khama English-Botswanan lieutenant and politician 4th President of Botswana

1953 Stelios Kouloglou Greek journalist author director and politician

1953 Ricky Steamboat American professional wrestler

1953 M. K. Stalin Indian Tamil politician 8th and incumbent Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

1953 Sinan Çetin Turkish actor director and producer

1953 Carlos Queiroz Portuguese footballer and manager

1953 Russ Feingold American lawyer and politician

1953 Robyn Hitchcock English singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Zico Brazilian footballer and coach

1953 John Edwards Australian director and producer

1953 Emilio Estefan Cuban-American drummer and producer

1953 Paweł Janas Polish footballer and manager

1953 Ray Price Australian rugby player and sportscaster

1953 Reinhold Roth German motorcycle racer

1953 Chris Smith American lawyer and politician

1953 Agustí Villaronga Spanish actor director and screenwriter

1953 Daniel Woodrell American novelist and short story writer

1953 Katarina Frostenson Swedish poet and author

1953 Michael J. Sandel American philosopher and academic

1953 Tokyo Sexwale South African businessman and politician 1st Premier of Gauteng

1953 Jim Rice American baseball player coach and sportscaster

1953 Paul Haggis Canadian director producer and screenwriter

1953 Derek Daly Irish-American race car driver and sportscaster

1953 Jimmy Iovine American record producer and businessman co-founded Beats Electronics

1953 Bernie LaBarge Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Pavel Pinigin former Soviet wrestler and Olympic champion

1953 Andy Bean American golfer

1953 Deborah Raffin American actress (d. 2012)

1953 Michael Curry 27th presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church

1953 Nick Keir Scottish singer-songwriter (d. 2013)

1953 Claus Peter Flor German conductor

1953 Isabelle Huppert French actress

1953 Rainer Knaak German chess player

1953 Richard Stallman American computer scientist and programmer

1953 Filemon Lagman Filipino activist (d. 2001)

1953 Chuck Muncie American football player (d. 2013)

1953 Franz Wright Austrian-American poet and translator (d. 2015)

1953 Takashi Yoshimatsu Japanese composer

1953 Ian Blair English police officer

1953 Peter Hendy English businessman

1953 Ricky Wilson American singer-songwriter and musician (d. 1985)

1953 Phil Judd New Zealand singer-songwriter guitarist and painter

1953 Steve Furber English computer scientist and academic

1953 Paul Martin Lester American photographer author and educator

1953 David Wisniewski English-American author and illustrator (d. 2002)

1953 Kenneth Rogoff American economist and chess grandmaster

1953 Bo Díaz Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1990)

1953 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Indian zoologist and businesswoman

1953 Christos Ardizoglou Greek footballer

1953 Robert Fox English producer and manager

1953 Vesna Pusić Croatian sociologist and politician Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia

1953 Haroon Rasheed Pakistani cricketer and coach

1953 Lincoln Chafee American academic and politician 74th Governor of Rhode Island

1953 Elaine Chao Taiwanese-American banker and politician 24th United States Secretary of Labor

1953 Tatyana Providokhina Russian runner

1953 Herman Ponsteen Dutch cyclist

1953 Melchior Ndadaye Burundian banker and politician 4th President of Burundi (d. 1993)

1953 Tõnis Palts Estonian politician 39th Mayor of Tallinn

1953 Dennis Kamakahi American guitarist and composer (d. 2014)

1953 Barry Sonnenfeld American cinematographer director and producer

1953 Alberto Zaccheroni Italian footballer and manager

1953 Jim Allister Northern Irish lawyer and politician

1953 Rosemary Bryant Mariner 20th and 21st-century U.S. Navy aviator (d. 2019)

1953 Malika Oufkir Moroccan Berber writer

1953 Debralee Scott American actress (d. 2005)

1953 James Vance American author and playwright (d. 2017)

1953 Sandra Boynton American author and illustrator

1953 Wakanohana Kanji II Japanese sumo wrestler the 56th Yokozuna

1953 James Smith American boxer

1953 Robert Bertrand Canadian politician

1953 Henry Fotheringham South African cricketer

1953 Simcha Jacobovici Canadian director producer journalist and author

1953 Sammy Wilson Northern Irish politician 31st Lord Mayor of Belfast

1953 Chen Yi Chinese violinist and composer

1953 Frank Gaffney American journalist and radio host

1953 Keiko Han Japanese actress

1953 Tae Jin-ah South Korean singer

1953 Raleb Majadele Israeli politician

1953 Ian Swales English accountant and politician

1953 Patrick Doyle Scottish actor and composer

1953 Christopher Franke German-American drummer and songwriter

1953 Santa Barraza American mixed media artist

1953 Douglas Kell English biochemist and academic

1953 John Howard English singer-songwriter and pianist

1953 Hal Ketchum American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2020)

1953 Stephen Paddock American mass murderer responsible for the 2017 Las Vegas shooting (d. 2017)

1953 Guy Verhofstadt Belgian politician 47th Prime Minister of Belgium

1953 Andrew Wiles English mathematician and academic

1953 Tanino Liberatore Italian author and illustrator

1953 Peter Garrett Australian singer-songwriter and politician

1953 Jay O. Sanders American actor

1953 Rick Moranis Canadian-American actor comedian singer and screenwriter

1953 John Brumby Australian politician 45th Premier of Victoria

1953 James Russo American actor director producer and screenwriter

1953 Eric Bogosian American actor and writer

1953 Ron Clements American animator producer and screenwriter

1953 Gary Cosier Australian cricketer

1953 Anthony Venables English economist author and academic

1953 Arielle Dombasle French-American actress and model

1953 Roberto Bolaño Chilean novelist short-story writer poet and essayist (d. 2003)

1953 Kim Gordon American singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 Brian Greenhoff English footballer and coach (d. 2013)

1953 Merrill Osmond American singer and bass player

1953 Glen Ballard American songwriter and producer

1953 Valery Gergiev Russian conductor and director

1953 Jamaal Wilkes American basketball player

1953 Bruce Hall American singer-songwriter bass player and producer

1953 Jake Hooker Israeli-American guitarist and songwriter (d. 2014)

1953 Pia Zadora American actress and singer

1953 Alexander Akimov Ukrainian Chernobyl worker (d. 1986)

1953 Michelle Courchesne Canadian urban planner and politician Deputy Premier of Quebec

1953 Ülle Rajasalu Estonian politician

1953 Graeme Souness Scottish international footballer and manager

1953 Pat McInally American football player and coach

1953 Ian McKay English sergeant Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1982)

1953 Billy Burnette American singer-songwriter guitarist and actor

1953 Alex Van Halen Dutch-American drummer

1953 Zlatko Burić Croat-Danish actor

1953 Gerry Sutcliffe English politician Vice-Chamberlain of the Household

1953 Harm Wiersma Dutch draughts player and politician

1953 Ruth A. David American electrical engineer

1953 Tom Cochrane Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Hywel Williams Welsh politician

1953 Athene Donald English physicist and academic

1953 Mike Oldfield English-Irish singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 Peter Onorati American actor

1953 Richard Page American singer-songwriter and bass player

1953 Kitanoumi Toshimitsu Japanese sumo wrestler the 55th Yokozuna (d. 2015)

1953 David Maclean Scottish politician

1953 Stephen Woolman Lord Woolman Scottish judge and academic

1953 Patrick Hodge Lord Hodge Scottish lawyer and judge

1953 Shavarsh Karapetyan Armenian finswimmer

1953 Florin Marin Romanian footballer and manager

1953 Victoria Wood English actress singer director and screenwriter (d. 2016)

1953 Robert Doyle Australian educator and politician 103rd Lord Mayor of Melbourne

1953 Nora Aunor Filipino actress and recording artist

1953 Jim Devine British politician

1953 François Bon French writer

1953 Cha Bum-kun South Korean footballer and manager

1953 Paul Mariner English footballer coach and manager (d. 2021)

1953 Alfred Molina English actor

1953 Eve Ensler American playwright and producer

1953 Daniel Passarella Argentinian footballer coach and manager

1953 Stan Sakai Japanese-American author and illustrator

1953 Gaetano Scirea Italian footballer (d. 1989)

1953 Kay Hagan American lawyer and politician (d. 2019)

1953 Don McAllister English footballer and manager

1953 Michael Portillo English journalist politician and TV presenter

1953 Pierre Gauthier Canadian ice hockey player and manager

1953 Jim Hunter Canadian skier

1953 Colm Meaney Irish actor

1953 Pirkka-Pekka Petelius Finnish actor and screenwriter

1953 Vidar Johansen Norwegian saxophonist

1953 Craig Stadler American golfer

1953 Cornel West American philosopher author and academic

1953 Linda Lingle American journalist and politician 6th Governor of Hawaii

1953 Jimmy McCulloch Scottish musician and songwriter (d. 1979)

1953 Susumu Ojima Japanese businessman founded Huser

1953 Paul Samson English guitarist and producer (d. 2002)

1953 Sandy Nairne English historian and curator

1953 Ivo Sanader Croatian historian and politician 8th Prime Minister of Croatia

1953 Olav Stedje Norwegian singer-songwriter

1953 Ken Navarro Italian-American guitarist and composer

1953 Eileen Cooper English painter and academic

1953 John Edwards American lawyer and politician

1953 Garry Hynes Irish director and producer

1953 Christine St-Pierre Canadian journalist and politician

1953 Steve Bassam Baron Bassam of Brighton English politician

1953 José Bové French farmer and politician

1953 Rocky Burnette American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Vilma Bardauskienė Lithuanian long jumper

1953 Marc Brickman American lighting and production designer

1953 Eje Elgh Swedish racing driver and sportscaster

1953 Raphael Wallfisch English cellist and educator

1953 Valerie Mahaffey American actress

1953 Ian Mosley English drummer

1953 Vernon Coaker English educator and politician Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

1953 Juan Muñoz Spanish sculptor and storyteller (d. 2001)

1953 Peter Donohoe English pianist and educator

1953 Robert Crais American author and screenwriter

1953 Raúl Ramírez Mexican tennis player

1953 Willy Rampf German engineer

1953 Augustus Pablo Jamaican producer and musician (d. 1999)

1953 Wim Eijk Dutch cardinal

1953 Mauro Francaviglia Italian mathematician and academic (d. 2013)

1953 Bruce McAvaney Australian journalist and sportscaster

1953 Armen Sarkissian Armenian physicist politician and President of Armenia

1953 William E. Moerner American chemist and physicist Nobel Prize laureate

1953 Michael Tuck Australian footballer and coach

1953 Olivier Ameisen French-American cardiologist and educator (d. 2013)

1953 Ian Davis Australian cricketer

1953 Igor Gräzin Estonian academic and politician

1953 Alice McDermott American novelist

1953 Don Dokken American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Colin Hay Scottish-Australian singer and guitarist

1953 Hal Lindes American-English guitarist and film score composer

1953 Lawrence Gonzi Maltese lawyer and politician 12th Prime Minister of Malta

1953 Jadranka Kosor Croatian journalist and politician 9th Prime Minister of Croatia

1953 Lotta Sollander Swedish alpine skier

1953 Francis Maude English lawyer and politician Minister for the Cabinet Office

1953 Caryn Navy American mathematician and computer scientist

1953 Nanci Griffith American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2021)

1953 Kaiser Kalambo Zambian footballer and manager (d. 2014)

1953 Robert Ménard French politician and former journalist

1953 Margie Gillis Canadian dancer and choreographer

1953 Thomas Ligotti American author

1953 Rik Emmett Canadian singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 Zoogz Rift American musician and wrestler (d. 2011)

1953 Piyasvasti Amranand Thai businessman and politician Thai Minister of Energy

1953 Angélica Aragón Mexican film television and stage actress and singer

1953 Peter Brown American singer-songwriter and producer

1953 Suresh Prabhu Indian accountant and politician Indian Minister of Railways

1953 Patricia Reyes Spíndola Mexican actress director and producer

1953 Mindy Sterling American actress

1953 Ivan Toms South African physician and activist (d. 2008)

1953 Bramwell Tovey English-Canadian conductor and composer

1953 Paul Weiland English director producer and screenwriter

1953 Gil Birmingham American actor

1953 David Thompson American basketball player

1953 Jean-Bertrand Aristide Haitian priest and politician 49th President of Haiti

1953 Sultanah Haminah Malaysian royal consort

1953 Mohamad Shahrum Osman Malaysian politician

1953 Alicia Bridges American singer-songwriter

1953 Dave Evans Welsh-Australian singer-songwriter

1953 Thomas Friedman American journalist and author

1953 Marcia Hines American-Australian singer and actress

1953 Eric Bazilian American singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist arranger and producer

1953 Jeff Fatt Australian keyboard player and actor

1953 Bernie Fraser New Zealand rugby player

1953 Brian Talbot English footballer and manager

1953 Brian Howe English singer-songwriter

1953 Jon Faddis American trumpet player composer and conductor

1953 Tadashi Kawamata Japanese contemporary artist

1953 Claire McCaskill American lawyer and politician

1953 James Newcome English bishop

1953 Joseph A. Tunzi Chicago based author foremost expert on Elvis Presley

1953 Robert Zoellick American banker and politician 14th United States Deputy Secretary of State

1953 Felix Magath German footballer and manager

1953 Robert Phillips American guitarist

1953 Henk Bleker Dutch politician

1953 Earl Tatum American professional basketball player

1953 Chung Dong-young South Korean journalist and politician 31st South Korean Minister of Unification

1953 Yahoo Serious Australian actor director producer and screenwriter

1953 Ken Burns American director and producer

1953 Frank McGuinness Irish poet and playwright

1953 Tim Gunn American television host and actor

1953 Ted Baillieu Australian architect and politician 46th Premier of Victoria

1953 Jimmy Cook South African cricketer and coach

1953 Hugh McDowell English cellist (d. 2018)

1953 Robert Cray American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Howard Kurtz American journalist and author

1953 Donnie Munro Scottish singer and guitarist

1953 Butch Patrick American actor

1953 Anthony Seldon English historian and author

1953 Ian Bairnson Scottish saxophonist and keyboard player

1953 Marlene Dumas South African painter

1953 Hiroyuki Usui Japanese footballer and manager

1953 Rick Mahler American baseball player and coach (d. 2005)

1953 Anne Fadiman American journalist and author

1953 Kay Stenshjemmet Norwegian speed skater

1953 Jean Tirole French economist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1953 Wijda Mazereeuw Dutch swimmer

1953 Tom Cohen American philosopher theorist and academic

1953 Ron Hilditch Australian rugby league player and coach

1953 Thomas Pogge German philosopher and academic

1953 Peter Wright English historian and author

1953 James Horner American composer and conductor (d. 2015)

1953 Carol Thatcher English journalist and author

1953 Mark Thatcher English businessman

1953 Wolfgang Hohlbein German author

1953 Kathie Lee Gifford American talk show host singer and actress

1953 James "J.T." Taylor American R&B singer-songwriter

1953 Mick Malthouse Australian footballer and coach

1953 Herta Müller Romanian-German poet and author Nobel Prize laureate

1953 Korrie Layun Rampan Indonesian author poet and critic (d. 2015)

1953 Kevin Rowland English singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Louie Gohmert American captain lawyer and politician

1953 Marvin Isley American R&B bass player and songwriter (d. 2010)

1953 Gerry Bertier American football player (d. 1981)

1953 Peter Horton American actor and director

1953 Mike Jackson American politician

1953 Jim Trenton American radio host and actor

1953 Leroy Burgess American singer songwriter keyboard player recording artist and record producer

1953 Ivan Stang American author publisher and director

1953 Paul Ellering American weightlifter wrestler and manager

1953 Bobby G English singer-songwriter

1953 Sam Torrance Scottish golfer and sportscaster

1953 David Hurley Australian general and politician 27th Governor General of Australia

1953 Pat Sharkey Irish footballer

1953 Tom Berryhill American businessman and politician (d. 2020)

1953 Alex Lifeson Canadian singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 Joan Smith English journalist and author

1953 Peter Stormare Swedish actor director and playwright

1953 Ditmar Jakobs German footballer

1953 Tõnu Kaljuste Estonian conductor and journalist

1953 David Boaz American businessman and author

1953 Richard Harding English rugby player

1953 James Quesada Nicaraguan-American anthropologist and academic

1953 Ron George American businessman and politician

1953 Lech Majewski Polish director producer and screenwriter

1953 Horace Panter English bass player

1953 Miguel Ángel Guerra Argentinian race car driver

1953 György Károly Hungarian poet and author (d. 2018)

1953 Pavel Vinogradov Russian astronaut and engineer

1953 Don Blackman American singer-songwriter pianist and producer (d. 2013)

1953 Maurice Colclough English rugby player (d. 2006)

1953 John Zorn American saxophonist composer and producer

1953 Jean-Pierre Jeunet French director producer and screenwriter

1953 George Peponis Greek-Australian rugby league player and physician

1953 Janet Biehl American philosopher and author

1953 Michael Stean English chess player and author

1953 Fatih Terim Turkish footballer and manager

1953 Victor Davis Hanson American historian and journalist

1953 Murray Mexted New Zealand rugby player and sportscaster

1953 Eiki Nestor Estonian engineer and politician Estonian Minister of Social Affairs

1953 Paul Piché Canadian singer-songwriter

1953 Marc Hunter New Zealand-Australian singer-songwriter (d. 1998)

1953 Benmont Tench American keyboardist and songwriter

1953 Pascal Greggory French actor

1953 Stein-Erik Olsen Norwegian guitarist

1953 Janet Fielding Australian actress

1953 Amy Irving American actress

1953 Pat Cadigan American science fiction author

1953 John Thurso Scottish businessman and politician

1953 Jani Allan English-South African journalist and author

1953 Sarita Francis Former Montserrat Deputy Governor

1953 Renée Geyer Australian singer-songwriter

1953 Tommy Shaw American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Nan Goldin American photographer

1953 Tom Cora American cellist and composer (d. 1998)

1953 Judy Playfair Australian swimmer

1953 Keiko Takeshita Japanese actress

1953 Margie Moran Filipino peace advocate and beauty queen Miss Universe 1973

1953 Kurt Fuller American character actor

1953 Alan Barton English singer and guitarist (d. 1995)

1953 Nancy Huston Canadian-American author and translator

1953 Mark Malloch Brown Baron Malloch-Brown English journalist and politician 2nd Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

1953 Jerry Pate American golfer and sportscaster

1953 Manuel Pellegrini Chilean footballer and manager

1953 Eric Vail Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1953 Luís Amado Portuguese politician former Minister of Foreign Affairs

1953 Tamasin Day-Lewis English chef and author

1953 Altaf Hussain Pakistani-English soldier and politician

1953 Rita Rudner American actress comedian and screenwriter

1953 Carl Jackson American singer-songwriter and producer

1953 John McGlinn American conductor and historian (d. 2009)

1953 Wayne Clark Australian cricketer

1953 Sarana VerLin American singer-songwriter and violinist

1953 Rocky Mattioli Italian-Australian boxer

1953 Steve Tom American actor

1953 Arie Luyendyk Dutch race car driver and sportscaster

1953 Reinhard Marx German cardinal

1953 Richard Fairbrass English singer-songwriter musician and producer

1953 Ségolène Royal French politician

1953 Nicholas Witchell English journalist

1953 Richard Harvey English mandolin player keyboard player and composer

1953 Ron Rash American novelist short story writer poet

1953 Dolores Keane Irish singer and actress

1953 Douglas A. Melton American biologist and academic

1953 Paul Stephenson English police officer

1953 Diane Abbott English journalist and politician Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

1953 Mata Amritanandamayi Indian guru and saint

1953 Claudio Gentile Italian footballer and manager

1953 Greg Ham Australian keyboard player saxophonist and songwriter (d. 2012)

1953 Otmar Hasler Liechtensteiner educator and politician 11th Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

1953 Mona Baker Egyptian-British professor

1953 Drake Hogestyn American actor

1953 Janis F. Kearney American author lecturer and publisher

1953 Matt Abts American drummer

1953 Deborah Allen American country music singer-songwriter author and actress

1953 Pete Falcone American baseball player

1953 Viljar Loor Estonian volleyball player (d. 2011)

1953 Miguel Lopez Salvadorian-American soccer player

1953 Klaus Wowereit German civil servant and politician Governing Mayor of Berlin

1953 Vanessa Bell Armstrong American singer

1953 Gil Moore Canadian singer-songwriter drummer and producer

1953 Andreas Vollenweider Swiss harp player

1953 Philip Hampton English-Scottish accountant and businessman

1953 Roy Laidlaw Scottish rugby player

1953 Rein Rannap Estonian pianist and composer

1953 Linda Griffiths Canadian actress and playwright (d. 2014)

1953 Margus Lepa Estonian journalist and actor

1953 Tico Torres American drummer

1953 Robert Saxton English composer and educator

1953 Sally Burgess South African-English soprano and educator

1953 Hank Pfister American tennis player

1953 Tony Shalhoub American actor and producer

1953 Fiona Rae Scottish painter

1953 Midge Ure Scottish singer-songwriter guitarist and producer

1953 Aleksander Veingold Estonian chess player and coach

1953 Gus Williams American basketball player

1953 David Morse American actor director producer and screenwriter

1953 Les Dennis English comedian and actor

1953 David Threlfall English actor and director

1953 Kazumi Watanabe Japanese guitarist and composer

1953 Betsy Clifford Canadian skier

1953 Tito Jackson American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Peter Phillips English conductor and musicologist

1953 Tony Carey American keyboard player songwriter and producer

1953 Paulo Roberto Falcão Brazilian footballer and manager

1953 Joseph Bowie American trombonist and bandleader

1953 Domenico Penzo Italian footballer

1953 Lionel Hollins American basketball player and coach

1953 Richard McWilliam American businessman and philanthropist co-founded the Upper Deck Company (d. 2013)

1953 Bill Nunn American actor (d. 2016)

1953 Charlotte Caffey American guitarist and songwriter

1953 Eric Faulkner Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Keith Green American singer-songwriter pianist and minister (d. 1982)

1953 Marc Johnson American bassist composer and bandleader

1953 Peter Mandelson English journalist and politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

1953 René Arce Islas Mexican politician

1953 Taner Akçam Turkish sociologist and historian

1953 Joaquín Lavín Chilean politician and economist

1953 Christoph Daum German footballer and manager

1953 Roger Allam British actor

1953 Tim Hely Hutchinson English publisher

1953 Joe Meriweather American basketball player and coach (d. 2013)

1953 Keith Strickland American guitarist and songwriter

1953 Peter Firth English actor

1953 Robert Picardo American actor director and screenwriter

1953 Pierre Boivin Canadian businessman

1953 Pete Hoekstra Dutch-American lawyer and politician

1953 Charles Martin Smith American actor director and screenwriter

1953 John Lucas II American basketball player and coach

1953 Jan Davis American engineer and astronaut

1953 Paul Wellings English ecologist and academic

1953 Kate Capshaw American actress and producer

1953 Helios Creed American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Larry Herndon American baseball player and coach

1953 Dennis Miller American comedian producer and talk show host

1953 Vilma Santos Filipino actress and politician

1953 Mick Buckley English footballer (d. 2013)

1953 P. J. Carey American baseball player and manager (d. 2012)

1953 Carlos Gutierrez Cuban-American businessman and politician 35th United States Secretary of Commerce

1953 Peter Lord English animator director and producer co-founded Aardman Animations

1953 Van Stephenson American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2001)

1953 Jacques Villeneuve Canadian race car driver

1953 Joyce Maynard American journalist author and academic

1953 Frank Hanisch German footballer

1953 Brian McKechnie New Zealand cricketer and rugby player

1953 Maire Aunaste Estonian journalist and author

1953 Erik Balke Norwegian saxophonist and composer

1953 Christopher Foster English bishop

1953 Lucinda Green English equestrian and journalist

1953 Giorgos Foiros Greek footballer and manager

1953 John Musker American animator director producer and screenwriter

1953 Nand Kumar Patel Indian politician (d. 2013)

1953 Gaétan Hart Canadian boxer

1953 Les Miles American football player and coach

1953 Marshall Crenshaw American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Andy Partridge English singer-songwriter guitarist and record producer

1953 Baaba Maal Senegalese singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Frances Conroy American actress

1953 Tim Bowler English children's author

1953 Dominique de Villepin Moroccan-French lawyer and politician 167th Prime Minister of France

1953 Alexander O'Neal American R&B singer-songwriter and arranger

1953 James Widdoes American actor director and producer

1953 Griff Rhys Jones Welsh comedian actor and author

1953 Babis Tennes Greek footballer and manager

1953 Robert Beltran American actor

1953 Tom Villard American actor (d. 1994)

1953 Fábio Jr. Brazilian singer-songwriter and actor

1953 Greg Gibson American wrestler

1953 Halid Bešlić Bosnian musician and singer

1953 Nirmal Selvamony Indian Tamil academician and ecocritic

1953 Tina Brown English-American journalist and author

1953 Wayne Larkins English cricketer and footballer

1953 Rick Bayless American chef and author

1953 Francis Cabrel French singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Johan de Meij Dutch trombonist composer and conductor

1953 Martin Kent Australian cricketer

1953 Graham Eadie Australian rugby league player and coach

1953 Mark Frost American author screenwriter and producer

1953 Jeffrey Skilling American businessman

1953 Hilary Benn English politician Secretary of State for International Development

1953 Shelley Moore Capito American politician

1953 Harry Carson American football player

1953 Jacki MacDonald Australian television host and actress

1953 Julien Temple English director producer and screenwriter

1953 Desiré Wilson South African race car driver

1953 Curtis Armstrong American actor singer and producer

1953 Steve Bannon American media executive and political figure

1953 Boris Grebenshchikov Russian singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Tarmo Kõuts Estonian admiral and politician

1953 Lyle Mays American keyboardist and composer (d. 2020)

1953 Richard Stone American composer (d. 2001)

1953 Alistair Darling English lawyer and politician Chancellor of the Exchequer

1953 Helen De Michiel American director and producer

1953 Sixto Lezcano Puerto Rican-American baseball player and coach

1953 Gordon Marsden English journalist and politician

1953 Alex Grey American visual artist and author

1953 Vlado Kreslin Slovenian singer-songwriter

1953 Christine Pascal French actress writer and director (d. 1996)

1953 Shuggie Otis American singer-songwriter and musician

1953 June Pointer American singer and actress (d. 2006)

1953 David Sancious American rock and jazz keyboard player and guitarist

1953 Franz Klammer Austrian skier and race car driver

1953 Rob Waring American-Norwegian vibraphonist and contemporary composer

1953 Rick Middleton Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1953 Jean-Marie Pfaff Belgian footballer and manager

1953 Gwen Lister South African-Namibian journalist publisher and activist

1953 Sue Carroll English journalist (d. 2011)

1953 Gary Goodman Australian cricketer and coach

1953 Geoff Hoon English academic and politician Minister of State for Europe

1953 Tom Hulce American actor

1953 Masami Kurumada Japanese author and illustrator

1953 Roy Firestone American sportscaster and journalist

1953 Norman Finkelstein American author academic and activist

1953 Władysław Kozakiewicz Lithuanian-Polish pole vaulter and coach

1953 Steve Yates English footballer

1953 Cornelis de Bondt Dutch composer and educator

1953 World B. Free American basketball player

1953 Chris Bury American journalist and academic

1953 Bess Armstrong American actress

1953 Martin Ferguson Australian lawyer and politician

1953 Rafael Septién Mexican-American football player

1953 Vijay Amritraj Indian tennis player and sportscaster

1953 Wade Davis Canadian anthropologist author and photographer

1953 René Eespere Estonian composer

1953 Vangelis Meimarakis Greek lawyer and politician 4th Greek Minister for National Defence

1953 Mikael Odenberg Swedish soldier and politician 29th Swedish Minister for Defence

1953 John R. Allen American general and diplomat

1953 J. M. DeMatteis American author

1953 Robert Charles Wilson American-Canadian author

1953 Rebecca Forstadt American voice actress and screenwriter

1953 Elliot Easton American guitarist and singer

1953 Kevin Beattie English footballer (d. 2018)

1953 András Schiff Hungarian-English pianist and conductor

1953 Betty Wright American singer-songwriter (d. 2020)

1953 Ian Turnbull Canadian ice hockey player

1953 Tom Underwood American baseball player (d. 2010)

1953 Andres Alver Estonian architect and academic

1953 Gerrit W. Gong American religious leader and academic

1953 Timothy Carhart American actor

1953 Kaarlo Maaninka Finnish runner

1953 Leonel Fernández Dominican lawyer and politician 51st President of the Dominican Republic

1953 Makis Katsavakis Greek footballer and manager

1953 Toomas Hendrik Ilves Swedish-Estonian journalist and politician 4th President of Estonia

1953 Henning Schmitz German drummer

1953 Richard Clayderman French pianist

1953 Tatsumi Fujinami Japanese wrestler and promoter founded Dradition wrestling promotion

1953 Charlie Pierce American journalist and author

1953 Martha Wash American singer-songwriter

1953 Alan Rusbridger Zambian-English journalist and academic

1953 Stanley Williams American gang leader co-founded the Crips (d. 2005)

1953 Daniel T. Barry American engineer and astronaut

1953 Dana Key American singer guitarist and producer (d. 2010)

1953 Graham Vick English director and producer

1953 Meredith Vieira American journalist and game show host

1953 Jane Badler American actress

1953 Colin Campbell Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1953 Joanna Kerns American actress and director

1953 Michael Bolton American singer-songwriter and actor

1953 Barbara Niven American actress and writer

1953 Madhav Kumar Nepal Nepali banker and politician 34th Prime Minister of Nepal

1953 Carolyn Porco American astronomer and academic

1953 Phil Alvin American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Anita L. Allen American lawyer philosopher and academic

1953 Louie Anderson American actor and comedian (d. 2022)

1953 David Moorcroft English runner and businessman

1953 Pamela Wallin Swedish-Canadian journalist academic and politician

1953 Douglas J. Feith American lawyer and politician Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

1953 Jan Kuehnemund American rock guitarist (d. 2013)

1953 Ronnie Dunn American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1953 Ted Field American entrepreneur and race car driver

1953 Alan Kupperberg American author and illustrator (d. 2015)

1953 Bruno Brokken Belgian high jumper

1953 Sebastian Faulks English journalist and author

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Profession -

Born - Sep 02,1953

Died - Sep 09,2001



Ben Bernanke

Profession - Economist

Born - Dec 13,1953


Benazir Bhutto

Profession -

Born - Jun 21,1953

Died - Dec 27,2007


Bill Pullman

Profession - Actor

Born - Dec 17,1953


Chaka Khan

Profession - Singer

Born - Mar 23,1953


Cyndi Lauper

Profession - Singer

Born - Jun 22,1953


Dan Quisenberry

Profession - MLB

Born - Feb 07,1953

Died - Sep 30,1998


Danny Elfman

Profession - Composer

Born - May 29,1953


Denis Potvin

Profession - NHL Star

Born - Oct 29,1953


Geddy Lee

Profession - Singer

Born - Jul 29,1953


George Brett

Profession - MLB

Born - May 15,1953


Graham Gooch

Profession - Cricketer

Born - Jul 23,1953


Grete Waitz

Profession - Runner

Born - Oct 01,1953

Died - Apr 19,2011


Hulk Hogan

Profession - Professional Wrestler

Born - Aug 11,1953


Jeb Bush

Profession - Governor Of Florida

Born - Feb 11,1953


John Malkovich

Profession - Actor

Born - Dec 09,1953


Kathleen Kennedy

Profession - Film Producer

Born - Jun 05,1953


Keith Hernandez

Profession - MLB

Born - Oct 20,1953


Kim Basinger

Profession - Actress

Born - Dec 08,1953


Leon Spinks

Profession - Boxing

Born - Jul 11,1953

Died - Feb 05,2021


Moon Jae-in

Profession -

Born - Jan 24,1953

South Korean

Najib Razak

Profession -

Born - Jul 23,1953


Nigel Mansell

Profession - Auto Racer

Born - Aug 08,1953


Pat Day

Profession - Jockey

Born - Oct 13,1953


Paul Allen

Profession -

Born - Jan 21,1953

Died - Oct 15,2018


Paul Krugman

Profession - Economist

Born - Feb 28,1953


Pavlo Lazarenko

Profession -

Born - Jan 23,1953


Pierce Brosnan

Profession - Actor

Born - May 16,1953


Robert Parish

Profession - Basketball Player

Born - Aug 30,1953


Sam Kinison

Profession - Comedian

Born - Dec 08,1953

Died - Apr 10,1992


Tim Allen

Profession - Actor

Born - Jun 13,1953


Tony Blair

Profession - British Prime Minister

Born - May 06,1953


Xi Jinping

Profession - Paramount Leader of China

Born - Jun 15,1953


Famous US Presidents

Joe Biden

Nov 20,1942 - Present


Donald Trump

Jun 14,1946 - Present


Barack Obama

Aug 04,1961 - Present


George W. Bush

Jul 06,1946 - Present


Bill Clinton

Aug 19,1946 - Present


George H. W. Bush

Jun 12,1924 - Nov 30,2018


Ronald Reagan

Feb 06,1911 - Jun 05,2004


Jimmy Carter

Oct 01,1924 - Present


Gerald Ford

Jul 14,1913 - Dec 26,2006


Richard Nixon

Jan 09,1913 - Apr 22,1994


Lyndon B. Johnson

Aug 27,1908 - Jan 22,1973


John F. Kennedy

May 29,1917 - Nov 22,1963


Dwight D. Eisenhower

Oct 14,1890 - Mar 28,1969


Harry S. Truman

May 08,1884 - Dec 26,1972


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Jan 30,1882 - Apr 12,1945


Herbert Hoover

Aug 10,1874 - Oct 20,1964


Calvin Coolidge

Jul 04,1872 - Jan 05,1933


Warren G. Harding

Nov 02,1865 - Aug 02,1923


Woodrow Wilson

Dec 28,1856 - Feb 03,1924


William Howard Taft

Sep 15,1857 - Mar 08,1930