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Birthdays In History 1939

1939 Michèle Mercier French actress

1939 Phil Read English motorcycle racer and businessman

1939 Senfronia Thompson American politician

1939 Younoussi Touré Malian politician Prime Minister of Mali

1939 Arik Einstein Israeli singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2013)

1939 M. E. H. Maharoof Sri Lankan politician (d. 1997)

1939 Valeriy Lobanovskyi Ukrainian footballer and manager (d. 2002)

1939 Murray Rose English-Australian swimmer and sportscaster (d. 2012)

1939 Carolina Herrera Venezuelan-American fashion designer

1939 Susannah York English actress and activist (d. 2011)

1939 Scott McKenzie American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2012)

1939 Sal Mineo American actor (d. 1976)

1939 Anne Heggtveit Canadian alpine skier

1939 Edgardo Cozarinsky Argentinian author screenwriter and director

1939 Jacek Gmoch Polish footballer and coach

1939 Cesare Maniago Canadian ice hockey player

1939 Kurt Moylan Guamanian businessman and politician 1st Lieutenant Governor of Guam

1939 Per Ahlmark Swedish journalist and politician first Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden (d. 2018)

1939 Tony Bullimore British sailor (d. 2018)

1939 Ralph Gibson American photographer

1939 Christodoulos of Athens Greek archbishop (d. 2008)

1939 Maury Povich American talk show host and producer

1939 Paul Coverdell American captain and politician (d. 2000)

1939 Chandra Wickramasinghe Sri Lankan-English mathematician astronomer and biologist

1939 Paul Genevay French sprinter (d. 2022)

1939 Friedel Lutz German footballer

1939 Steve Paxton American dancer and choreographer

1939 Viacheslav Platonov Russian volleyball player and coach (d. 2005)

1939 Jørgen Garde Danish admiral (d. 1996)

1939 Alfredo Palacio Ecuadoran physician and politician President of Ecuador

1939 Luigi Simoni Italian footballer and manager (d. 2020)

1939 J. C. Tremblay Canadian ice hockey player and scout (d. 1994)

1939 Ed Roberts American disability rights activist (d. 1995)

1939 Renate Garisch-Culmberger German shot putter

1939 Germaine Greer Australian journalist and author

1939 Jeanne Lee American jazz singer poet and composer (d. 2000)

1939 Jackie Burroughs English-born Canadian actress (d. 2010)

1939 Mary-Dell Chilton American chemist and inventor and one of the founders of modern plant biotechnology

1939 Dale T. Mortensen American economist and academic Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2014)

1939 Michael Cimino American director producer and screenwriter (d. 2016)

1939 Stan Lundine American lawyer and politician Lieutenant Governor of New York

1939 Brian Luckhurst English cricketer (d. 2005)

1939 Jose Maria Sison Filipino activist and theorist (d. 2022)

1939 Mahala Andrews British vertebrae palaeontologist (d. 1997)

1939 Barry Mann American pianist songwriter and producer

1939 Janet Suzman South African-British actress and director

1939 Adrienne Clarkson Hong Kong-Canadian journalist and politician 26th Governor General of Canada

1939 Deolinda Rodríguez de Almeida Angolan nationalist (d. 1967)

1939 Gerry Goffin American songwriter (d. 2014)

1939 Razzy Bailey American country music singer-songwriter and musician (d. 2021)

1939 Blowfly American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2016)

1939 Eugene Fama American economist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1939 Adolfo Azcuna Filipino lawyer and judge

1939 Claude Ake Nigerian political scientist and academic (d. 1996)

1939 Erin Pizzey English activist and author founded Refuge

1939 Herbert Kohler Jr. American businessman (d. 2022)

1939 Jamal Nazrul Islam Bangladeshi physicist and cosmologist (d. 2013)

1939 Don McKinnon English-New Zealand farmer and politician 12th Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand

1939 Peter Revson American race car driver (d. 1974)

1939 Daniel C. Tsui Chinese-American physicist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1939 Tommy Tune American actor dancer singer theatre director producer and choreographer

1939 Leo Brouwer Cuban guitarist composer and conductor

1939 Mustansar Hussain Tarar Pakistani author

1939 Jan Howard Finder American author and academic (d. 2013)

1939 Larry Burkett American author and radio host (d. 2003)

1939 M. L. Jaisimha Indian cricketer (d. 1999)

1939 Robert Shaye American film producer

1939 Samantha Eggar English actress

1939 Tony Rundle Australian politician 40th Premier of Tasmania

1939 Benyamin Sueb Indonesian actor and comedian (d. 1995)

1939 Peter Woodcock Canadian serial killer (d. 2010)

1939 Pierre Wynants Belgian chef

1939 Danyel Gérard French singer-songwriter

1939 Lynn Seymour Canadian ballerina and choreographer

1939 Lidiya Skoblikova Russian speed skater and coach

1939 Robert Tear Welsh tenor and conductor (d. 2011)

1939 Asghar Ali Engineer Indian activist and author (d. 2013)

1939 Irina Press Ukrainian-Russian hurdler and pentathlete (d. 2004)

1939 Neil Sedaka American singer-songwriter and pianist

1939 Raymond J. Barry American actor

1939 Bertrand Blier French director and screenwriter

1939 Yves Boisset French director and screenwriter

1939 Ted Kaufman American politician

1939 Robert Nye English author poet and playwright (d. 2016)

1939 Julie Tullis English mountaineer (d. 1986)

1939 Yvon Côté Canadian politician and teacher

1939 Jim Gary American sculptor (d. 2006)

1939 Bill Graham Canadian academic and politician 4th Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1939 Giovanni Trapattoni Italian footballer and manager

1939 Ron Atkinson English footballer and manager

1939 Jean-Pierre Wallez French violinist and conductor

1939 Gerald Curran American lawyer and politician (d. 2013)

1939 Don Edwards American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2022)

1939 Walter Jakob Gehring Swiss biologist and academic (d. 2014)

1939 Kathleen Widdoes American actress

1939 Toni Cade Bambara American author academic and activist (d. 1995)

1939 D. C. Fontana American screenwriter and producer (d. 2019)

1939 Jay Kim South Korean-American engineer and politician

1939 Roland Arnall French-American businessman and diplomat 63rd United States Ambassador to the Netherlands (d. 2008)

1939 Terence Hill Italian actor director and producer

1939 Hanumant Singh Indian cricketer (d. 2006)

1939 Zviad Gamsakhurdia Georgian anthropologist and politician 1st President of Georgia (d. 1993)

1939 Israel Horovitz American actor director and screenwriter (d. 2020)

1939 Walker David Miller American lawyer and judge (d. 2013)

1939 Volker Schlöndorff German director and producer

1939 Karl-Heinz Schnellinger German footballer

1939 Anthony Lake American academic and diplomat 18th United States National Security Advisor

1939 Lise Thibault Canadian journalist and politician 27th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

1939 François de Roubaix French composer (d. 1975)

1939 Hawk Taylor American baseball player and coach (d. 2012)

1939 Paul Craig Roberts American economist and politician

1939 Darlene Hooley American educator and politician

1939 Hugh Masekela South African trumpeter flugelhornist cornetist composer and singer (d. 2018)

1939 Leka I Crown Prince of Albania (d. 2011)

1939 Crispian St. Peters English singer-songwriter (d. 2010)

1939 Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas Prime Minister of Yemen

1939 Ronald White American singer-songwriter (d. 1995)

1939 David Winters English-American actor choreographer and producer (d. 2019)

1939 André Ouellet Canadian lawyer and politician 1st Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1939 John Sculley American businessman co-founded Zeta Interactive

1939 Gary Kellgren American record producer co-founded Record Plant (d. 1977)

1939 Brett Whiteley Australian painter (d. 1992)

1939 Manolis Angelopoulos Greek singer composer and songwriter (d. 1989)

1939 John Arbuthnott Scottish microbiologist and academic

1939 Trina Schart Hyman American author and illustrator (d. 2004)

1939 Michael Learned American actress

1939 Luther Johnson American singer and guitarist

1939 Louise Lasser American actress

1939 Johnny Raper Australian rugby league player and coach (d. 2022)

1939 Paul Sorvino American actor and singer (d. 2022)

1939 John Amabile American football player and coach (d. 2012)

1939 Dusty Springfield English singer and record producer (d. 1999)

1939 Glen Hardin American pianist and arranger

1939 Thomas J. Moyer American lawyer and judge (d. 2010)

1939 E. Clay Shaw Jr. American accountant judge and politician (d. 2013)

1939 John McCabe English pianist and composer (d. 2015)

1939 Sister Helen Prejean American nun activist and author

1939 Reni Santoni American actor (d. 2020)

1939 Mel Carter American singer and actor

1939 John Foley English general and politician Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey

1939 Ray Guy Canadian journalist and author (d. 2013)

1939 Jason Miller American actor and playwright (d. 2001)

1939 Theodor Waigel German lawyer and politician German Federal Minister of Finance

1939 Jorge Fons Mexican director and screenwriter

1939 Bill Hagerty English journalist

1939 Lee Majors American actor

1939 Ray Peterson American pop singer (d. 2005)

1939 Tarcisio Burgnich Italian footballer and manager (d. 2021)

1939 Michael Llewellyn-Smith English academic and diplomat

1939 Robert Skidelsky Baron Skidelsky English historian and academic

1939 Veronica Sutherland English academic and British diplomat

1939 Judy Carne English actress and comedian (d. 2015)

1939 Stanisław Dziwisz Polish cardinal

1939 Judy Collins American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939 Wilhelmina Cooper Dutch model (d. 1980)

1939 Victor Davies Canadian pianist composer and conductor

1939 Sumio Iijima Japanese physicist and engineer

1939 Ernesto Castano Italian football player

1939 Jonathan Harvey English composer and educator (d. 2012)

1939 Neil Fox English rugby league player and coach

1939 Amos Oz Israeli journalist and author (d. 2018)

1939 Leon Rochefort Canadian ice hockey player

1939 Ray Gosling English journalist author and activist (d. 2013)

1939 Eddie C. Campbell American singer and guitarist (d. 2018)

1939 Chet Allen American child actor (d. 1984)

1939 Sidney Altman Canadian-American biologist and academic Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2022)

1939 Ruggero Deodato Italian actor director and screenwriter (d. 2022)

1939 Ruud Lubbers Dutch economist and politician Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 2018)

1939 Johnny Maestro American pop/doo-wop singer (d. 2010)

1939 Clive Soley Baron Soley English politician

1939 Paul Drayton American sprinter (d. 2010)

1939 Keith Lincoln American football player (d. 2019)

1939 Cyril Chantler English pediatrician and academic

1939 Jalal Dabagh Kurdish journalist and politician

1939 Miltiadis Evert Greek minister and politician 69th Mayor of Athens (d. 2011)

1939 Reg Gasnier Australian rugby league player coach and sportscaster (d. 2014)

1939 Ron Ziegler American politician White House Press Secretary (d. 2003)

1939 Hildrun Claus German long jumper

1939 Peter Frenkel German race walker and coach

1939 Harvey Keitel American actor

1939 Rupert Neudeck German journalist and humanitarian (d. 2016)

1939 Troy Shondell American singer-songwriter (d. 2016)

1939 Dorothy Shirley English high jumper and educator

1939 Mario Segni Italian professor and politician

1939 Hugh Dykes Baron Dykes English politician

1939 Gary Paulsen American author (d. 2021)

1939 Livio Berruti Italian sprinter

1939 James Fox English actor

1939 Nancy Kwan Hong Kong-American actress and makeup artist

1939 Jānis Lūsis Latvian javelin thrower and coach (d. 2020)

1939 Dick Scobee American pilot and astronaut (d. 1986)

1939 Balu Mahendra Sri Lankan-Indian director cinematographer and screenwriter (d. 2014)

1939 Heinz Holliger Swiss oboist composer and conductor

1939 Paul Winfield American actor (d. 2004)

1939 Michel Colombier French-American composer and conductor (d. 2004)

1939 Reinhard Hauff German director and screenwriter

1939 Dixie Carter American actress and singer (d. 2010)

1939 Simon Cairns 6th Earl Cairns English courtier and businessman

1939 Yves Duhaime Canadian captain and politician

1939 Sokratis Kokkalis Greek businessman

1939 Gerald Ronson English businessman and philanthropist

1939 Lionel Sosa Mexican-American advertising and marketing executive

1939 Don Williams American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2017)

1939 Maeve Binchy Irish novelist (d. 2012)

1939 Pete Smith Australian radio and television announcer

1939 Michael J. Pollard American actor (d. 2019)

1939 Dieter Quester Austrian race car driver

1939 Tim Waterstone Scottish businessman founded Waterstones

1939 Terry Waite English humanitarian and author

1939 Charles Miller American musician (d. 1980)

1939 John Schlee American golfer (d. 2000)

1939 Frank Blevins English-Australian lawyer and politician 7th Deputy Premier of South Australia (d. 2013)

1939 Steve Dalkowski American baseball player (d. 2020)

1939 Ian Hunter English singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939 Jeremy Browne 11th Marquess of Sligo Anglo-Irish peer (d. 2014)

1939 Denis de Belleval Canadian civil servant and politician

1939 Henri Pachard American director and producer (d. 2008)

1939 George Reid Scottish journalist and politician 2nd Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament

1939 Margaret Drabble English novelist biographer and critic

1939 Louis Andriessen Dutch pianist and composer (d. 2021)

1939 Gary U.S. Bonds American singer-songwriter

1939 Yuli Turovsky Russian-Canadian cellist conductor and educator (d. 2013)

1939 Ileana Cotrubaș Romanian soprano and actress

1939 Eric Fernie Scottish historian and academic

1939 David Hobbs English race car driver and sportscaster

1939 Dick Vitale American basketball player coach and sportscaster

1939 Charles Webb American author (d. 2020)

1939 Rachael Heyhoe Flint Baroness Heyhoe Flint English cricketer and journalist (d. 2017)

1939 Ron Lynch Australian rugby league player and coach

1939 Frank McCloskey American sergeant and politician (d. 2003)

1939 Steny Hoyer American lawyer and politician

1939 Peter Mayle English author and screenwriter (d. 2018)

1939 Colin Thubron English journalist and author

1939 Ward Connerly American activist and businessman founded the American Civil Rights Institute

1939 Billy "Crash" Craddock American singer-songwriter

1939 Jean-Claude Germain Canadian historian author and journalist

1939 Brooks Firestone American businessman and politician

1939 Bernd Hoss German footballer and manager (d. 2016)

1939 John F. MacArthur American minister and theologian

1939 Ramakant Desai Indian cricketer (d. 1998)

1939 Budge Rogers English rugby player and manager

1939 Don Matthews American-Canadian football player and coach (d. 2017)

1939 Ed Paschke Polish-American painter and academic (d. 2004)

1939 Scott Burton American sculptor (d. 1989)

1939 Brigitte Fontaine French singer

1939 Allen Fox American tennis player and coach

1939 Chuck Robb American soldier lawyer and politician 64th Governor of Virginia

1939 Zainuddin Maidin Malaysian politician (d. 2018)

1939 R. D. Burman Indian singer-songwriter (d. 1994)

1939 Neil Hawke Australian cricketer and footballer (d. 2000)

1939 Klaus Schmiegel German chemist

1939 Alan Connolly Australian cricketer

1939 Amarildo Tavares da Silveira Brazilian footballer and coach

1939 Tony Hatch English pianist composer and producer

1939 Barry Hines English author and screenwriter (d. 2016)

1939 José Emilio Pacheco Mexican poet and author (d. 2014)

1939 Karen Black American actress (d. 2013)

1939 Delaney Bramlett American singer-songwriter guitarist and producer (d. 2008)

1939 Alexandros Panagoulis Greek poet and politician (d. 1976)

1939 John H. Sununu American engineer and politician 14th White House Chief of Staff

1939 Paul Williams American singer and choreographer (d. 1973)

1939 Brigitte Fassbaender German soprano and director

1939 László Kovács Hungarian politician and diplomat Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1939 Coco Laboy Puerto Rican baseball player

1939 Jet Harris English bass player (d. 2011)

1939 Mary Peters English-Irish pentathlete and shot putter

1939 Bruce Hunter American swimmer (d. 2018)

1939 Elena Obraztsova Russian soprano and actress (d. 2015)

1939 Ed Lumley Canadian businessman and politician 8th Canadian Minister of Communications

1939 Phil Kelly Irish-English footballer and manager (d. 2012)

1939 Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Turkish political scientist journalist and educator (d. 1999)

1939 Mavis Staples American singer

1939 Lambert Jackson Woodburne South African admiral (d. 2013)

1939 Karel Gott Czech singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2019)

1939 George Edgar Slusser American scholar and author (d. 2014)

1939 Aníbal Cavaco Silva Portuguese economist and politician 19th President of the Portuguese Republic

1939 Andrée Champagne Canadian actress and politician (d. 2020)

1939 Spencer Davis Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2020)

1939 Brian Auger English rock and jazz keyboard player

1939 Dion DiMucci American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939 Jerry Moore American football player and coach

1939 Judy Chicago American feminist artist

1939 Jamey Aebersold American saxophonist and educator

1939 Kim Fowley American singer-songwriter producer and manager (d. 2015)

1939 John Negroponte English-American diplomat 23rd United States Ambassador to the United Nations

1939 Walt Bellamy American basketball player and coach (d. 2013)

1939 David Simon Baron Simon of Highbury English businessman and politician

1939 S. Ramadoss Indian politician

1939 Jun Henmi Japanese author and poet (d. 2011)

1939 Bob Lilly American football player and photographer

1939 Richard Marlow English organist and conductor (d. 2013)

1939 William Eggleston American photographer and academic

1939 Michael Longley Northern Irish poet and academic

1939 Paulo Silvino Brazilian comedian composer and actor (d. 2017)

1939 Eleanor Smeal American activist founded the Feminist Majority Foundation

1939 Steuart Bedford English pianist and conductor (d. 2021)

1939 Susan Flannery American actress

1939 France Nuyen Vietnamese-French actress

1939 Bob Frankford English-Canadian physician and politician (d. 2015)

1939 Terry Kiser American actor

1939 Stephen Sykes English bishop and theologian (d. 2014)

1939 Robert James Waller American author and photographer (d. 2017)

1939 Benjamin Barber American theorist author and academic (d. 2017)

1939 Wes Craven American director producer and screenwriter (d. 2015)

1939 John W. Snow American businessman and politician 73rd United States Secretary of the Treasury

1939 Jimmie Nicol English drummer

1939 Apoorva Sengupta Indian general and cricketer (d. 2013)

1939 Jack Cunningham Baron Cunningham of Felling English politician Minister for the Cabinet Office

1939 Frankie Ford American R&B/rock and roll singer (d. 2015)

1939 Roger Clark English race car driver (d. 1998)

1939 Carmen Salinas Mexican actress and politician (d. 2021)

1939 Jana Andrsová Czech actress and ballerina

1939 Viorica Viscopoleanu Romanian long jumper

1939 Alexander Watson American diplomat United States Ambassador to Peru

1939 Hércules Brito Ruas Brazilian footballer

1939 Vincent Hanna Northern Irish journalist (d. 1997)

1939 The Mighty Hannibal American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2014)

1939 Billy Henderson American singer (d. 2007)

1939 Bulle Ogier French actress and screenwriter

1939 Romano Prodi Italian academic and politician 52nd Prime Minister of Italy

1939 Butch Warren American bassist (d. 2013)

1939 Kate O'Mara English actress (d. 2014)

1939 Charlie Rose American lawyer and politician (d. 2012)

1939 James Mancham first President of Seychelles (d. 2017)

1939 Ronnie Dawson American singer and guitarist (d. 2003)

1939 George Hamilton American actor

1939 Pam Kilborn Australian track and field athlete

1939 David King South African chemist and academic

1939 Sushil Koirala Nepalese politician 37th Prime Minister of Nepal (d. 2016)

1939 Roy Romanow Canadian lawyer and politician 12th Premier of Saskatchewan

1939 S. Jayakumar Singaporean politician 4th Senior Minister of Singapore

1939 Seán Brady Irish cardinal

1939 Trevor McDonald Trinidadian-English journalist and academic

1939 Billy Joe Shaver American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2020)

1939 Eric Weissberg American singer banjo player and multi-instrumentalist (d. 2020)

1939 Luther Allison American blues guitarist and singer (d. 1997)

1939 Maxine Brown American soul/R&B singer-songwriter

1939 Robert Horton English businessman (d. 2011)

1939 Johnny Preston American pop singer (d. 2011)

1939 Ginger Baker English drummer and songwriter (d. 2019)

1939 Fernando Poe Jr. Filipino actor and politician (d. 2004)

1939 Mike Velarde Filipino televangelist and religious leader

1939 James Burton American Hall of Fame guitarist

1939 Festus Mogae Botswana economist and politician third President of Botswana

1939 Clarence Williams III American actor (d. 2021)

1939 Valerie Harper American actress (d. 2019)

1939 John Badham English-American actor director and producer

1939 Pinchas Goldstein Israeli businessman and politician (d. 2007)

1939 William Least Heat-Moon American travel writer and historian

1939 Edward Patten American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2005)

1939 Nikola Pilić Yugoslav tennis player and coach

1939 John Kingman English mathematician and academic

1939 Jolán Kleiber-Kontsek Hungarian discus thrower and shot putter

1939 Joel Schumacher American director producer and screenwriter (d. 2020)

1939 Elizabeth Ashley American actress

1939 John Peel English radio host and producer (d. 2004)

1939 Jerry Allison American drummer and songwriter (d. 2022)

1939 Lily Tomlin American actress comedian screenwriter and producer

1939 Denis Lindsay South African cricketer and referee (d. 2005)

1939 Claudette Colvin American nurse and activist

1939 William Devane American actor director and screenwriter

1939 George Lazenby Australian actor

1939 John Stewart American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2008)

1939 George Tremlett English journalist author and politician

1939 Brigid Berlin American actress painter and photographer (d. 2020)

1939 David Allan Coe American outlaw country music singer-songwriter and guitarist

1939 Susumu Tonegawa Japanese biologist and immunologist Nobel Prize laureate

1939 Latimore American singer-songwriter and pianist

1939 Peter Gill Welsh actor director and playwright

1939 Carsten Keller German field hockey player and coach

1939 Guitar Shorty American singer and guitarist

1939 Ron McDole American football player

1939 Charles Geschke American businessman co-founded Adobe Systems (d. 2021)

1939 Pablo McNeil Jamaican track and field sprinter and sprinting coach (d. 2011)

1939 Phillip Ramey American pianist and composer

1939 Henry Waxman American lawyer and politician

1939 Arleen Auger American soprano and educator (d. 1993)

1939 Richard Kiel American actor and voice artist (d. 2014)

1939 Guntis Ulmanis Latvian economist and politician 5th President of Latvia

1939 Joel-Peter Witkin American photographer

1939 DeWitt Weaver American golfer

1939 Subramanian Swamy Indian economist academic and politician Indian Minister of Law and Justice

1939 George Walden English journalist and politician

1939 Breyten Breytenbach South African-French poet and painter

1939 Bill McGill American basketball player (d. 2014)

1939 Carl Dennis American poet and educator

1939 Shelby Flint American singer-songwriter and voice actress

1939 David Souter American lawyer and jurist

1939 Gerry Harvey Australian businessman co-founded Harvey Norman

1939 Jorge Sampaio Portuguese lawyer and politician 18th President of Portugal (d. 2021)

1939 Jan Camiel Willems Belgian mathematician and theorist (d. 2013)

1939 Carl Schultz Hungarian-Australian director producer and screenwriter

1939 Agnivesh Indian philosopher academic and politician

1939 Bogdan Baltazar Romanian economist and engineer (d. 2012)

1939 Deborah Lavin South African-English historian and academic

1939 Gilbert E. Patterson American bishop (d. 2007)

1939 Junko Tabei Japanese mountaineer (d. 2016)

1939 Henry Blofeld English cricketer and journalist

1939 Roy Buchanan American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1988)

1939 Joan Hanham Baroness Hanham English politician

1939 Sonny Vaccaro American businessman

1939 Wayne Henderson American trombonist and producer (d. 2014)

1939 Moti Kirschenbaum Israeli journalist (d. 2015)

1939 Jacques Vallée French ufologist

1939 Leon Brittan English lawyer and politician Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills (d. 2015)

1939 Feroz Khan Indian actor director and producer (d. 2009)

1939 David S. Mann American lawyer and politician Mayor of Cincinnati

1939 Ricky Tomlinson English actor and screenwriter

1939 Nicholas Haslam English interior designer and author

1939 Carol Lynn Pearson American author poet and playwright

1939 Stuart Kauffman American biologist and academic

1939 Jim Baxter Scottish footballer (d. 2001)

1939 Larry Linville American actor (d. 2000)

1939 Rhodri Morgan Welsh politician 2nd First Minister of Wales (d. 2017)

1939 Len Cariou Canadian actor

1939 Anthony Green English painter and academic

1939 Jean-Marie Lehn French chemist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1939 George Archer American golfer (d. 2005)

1939 Geoffrey Whitehead English actor

1939 Budhi Kunderan Indian cricketer (d. 2006)

1939 Bob Armstrong American wrestler and trainer (d. 2020)

1939 Ivan Mauger New Zealand speedway rider (d. 2018)

1939 Marie-Claire Blais Canadian author and playwright

1939 A. R. Penck German painter and sculptor (d. 2017)

1939 Consuelo Ynares-Santiago Filipino lawyer and jurist

1939 Melvyn Bragg English journalist author and academic

1939 Jack Cullen American baseball player

1939 Richard Delgado American lawyer and academic

1939 Sheila Greibach American computer scientist and academic

1939 John J. LaFalce American captain lawyer and politician

1939 John Hopcroft American computer scientist and author

1939 Clive James Australian television host author and critic (d. 2019)

1939 Harry Kroto English chemist and academic Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2016)

1939 Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya Congolese cardinal (d. 2021)

1939 Bill Snyder American football player and coach

1939 Paul Hogan Australian actor producer and screenwriter

1939 Elvīra Ozoliņa Latvian javelin thrower

1939 Harvey Pekar American author and critic (d. 2010)

1939 Lynne Stewart American lawyer and criminal (d. 2017)

1939 Nicholas Grimshaw English architect and academic

1939 John Pilger Australian-English journalist director and producer

1939 Stephen Sedley English lawyer and judge

1939 O. V. Wright American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 1980)

1939 Austin Currie Northern Irish lawyer and SDLP politician

1939 Larry Bowie American football player (d. 2012)

1939 Melinda Dillon American actress (d. 2023)

1939 Rocky Thompson American golfer and politician

1939 Oliver Rackham English botanist and academic (d. 2015)

1939 Flavio Cotti Swiss lawyer and politician 82nd President of the Swiss Confederation (d. 2020)

1939 Paddy Reilly Irish folk singer and guitarist

1939 Jan Erik Vold Norwegian poet author and translator

1939 David Clark Baron Clark of Windermere Scottish academic and politician Minister for the Cabinet Office

1939 Patrick Hughes English painter illustrator and photographer

1939 Joaquim Chissano Mozambican politician 2nd President of Mozambique

1939 George Cohen English footballer (d. 2022)

1939 Jean-Pierre Desthuilliers French poet and critic (d. 2013)

1939 Tony Roberts American actor and singer

1939 Charlie Foxx American R&B/soul singer and guitarist (d. 1998)

1939 C. V. Vigneswaran Sri Lankan lawyer judge and politician 1st Chief Minister of the Northern Province

1939 Suzy Covey American scholar and academic (d. 2007)

1939 Dallas Frazier American country music singer-songwriter (d. 2022)

1939 Jane Alexander American actress and producer

1939 Andy Bey American singer and pianist

1939 Miroslav Cerar Slovenian gymnast and lawyer

1939 Curtis Lee American singer-songwriter (d. 2015)

1939 Harvey Goldstein English statistician and academic (d. 2020)

1939 Leland H. Hartwell American biologist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1939 Eddie Holland American singer-songwriter and producer

1939 Grace Slick American singer-songwriter and model

1939 Tom O'Connor English actor and game show host (d. 2021)

1939 Ron Rifkin American actor

1939 Ali Farka Touré Malian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2006)

1939 Pauline Neville-Jones Baroness Neville-Jones English broadcaster and politician Minister for Security

1939 Richard Serra American sculptor and academic

1939 Gail E. Haley American author and illustrator

1939 Michael Meacher English academic and politician Secretary of State for the Environment Transport and the Regions (d. 2015)

1939 Lobsang Tenzin Tibetan religious leader

1939 Michael Schwerner American activist (d. 1964)

1939 Leonardo Quisumbing Filipino lawyer and jurist (d. 2019)

1939 Barbara Liskov American computer scientist and academic

1939 Meg Wynn Owen Welsh actress

1939 Paul Cameron American psychologist and academic

1939 Bryan Davies Baron Davies of Oldham English academic and politician

1939 Anscar Chupungco Filipino monk and theologian (d. 2013)

1939 Tommy Facenda American rock & roll singer and guitarist

1939 Allan Moffat Canadian-Australian race car driver

1939 Denise Alexander American actress

1939 Lucia Popp Slovak soprano (d. 1993)

1939 Karel Brückner Czech footballer and manager

1939 Idris Muhammad American drummer and composer (d. 2014)

1939 Wendy Carlos American keyboard player and composer

1939 Terry Bradbury English footballer and manager

1939 Yaphet Kotto American actor and screenwriter (d. 2021)

1939 Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde Finnish physician and parapsychologist (d. 2015)

1939 Michael Billington English author and critic

1939 Auberon Waugh English journalist and author (d. 2001)

1939 Emil Constantinescu Romanian academic and politician 3rd President of Romania

1939 Tom Harkin American lawyer and politician

1939 Jane Mansbridge American political scientist and academic

1939 Warren "Pete" Moore American singer-songwriter and record producer (d. 2017)

1939 Richard Zare American chemist and academic

1939 Jerry Colangelo American businessman

1939 Copi Argentine writer and artist (d. 1987)

1939 Dick Smothers American actor and comedian

1939 Jan Szczepański Polish boxer (d. 2017)

1939 R. Budd Dwyer American educator and politician 30th Treasurer of Pennsylvania (d. 1987)

1939 Tom West American engineer and author (d. 2011)

1939 Mulayam Singh Yadav Indian politician 24th Indian Minister of Defence (d. 2022)

1939 Betty Everett American singer and pianist (d. 2001)

1939 Martin Feldstein American economist and academic (d. 2019)

1939 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Malaysian civil servant and politician 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia

1939 Wayland Flowers American actor and puppeteer (d. 1988)

1939 John Gummer English politician Secretary of State for the Environment

1939 Grey Ruthven 2nd Earl of Gowrie Irish-Scottish politician Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (d. 2021)

1939 Art Themen English saxophonist and surgeon

1939 Dave Giusti American baseball player and manager

1939 Laurent-Désiré Kabila Congolese politician President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (d. 2001)

1939 Peter Bergman American comedian actor and screenwriter (d. 2012)

1939 Meco American record producer and musician

1939 Yael Dayan Israeli journalist author and politician

1939 Francis Fox Canadian lawyer and politician 48th Secretary of State for Canada

1939 John Paul Sr. Dutch-American race car driver

1939 David Phillips English chemist and academic

1939 Stephen W. Bosworth American academic and diplomat United States Ambassador to South Korea (d. 2016)

1939 Joan Brady American-British author

1939 Freddy Cannon American singer and guitarist

1939 Franco Carraro Italian politician and sports administrator

1939 Red Berenson Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1939 Jerry Butler American singer-songwriter and producer

1939 James Galway Irish flute player

1939 Felipe Gozon Filipino lawyer and businessman

1939 Dariush Mehrjui Iranian director producer and screenwriter

1939 Soko Richardson American drummer (d. 2004)

1939 Dick Bavetta American basketball player and referee

1939 Barry Cunliffe English archaeologist and academic

1939 Tom Hayden American activist and politician (d. 2016)

1939 Thomas McGuane American novelist short story writer and screenwriter

1939 Ann Cryer English academic and politician

1939 Cindy Birdsong American singer-songwriter

1939 Philip Langridge English tenor (d. 2010)

1939 Gordon Miller English high jumper

1939 James Booker American pianist (d. 1983)

1939 Eddie Kendricks American R&B singer-songwriter (d. 1992)

1939 Michael Moorcock English author and songwriter

1939 Harold E. Varmus American biologist and academic Nobel Prize laureate

1939 Pedro Jirón Nicaraguan footballer

1939 Kathryn Joosten American actress (d. 2012)

1939 Kim Weston American soul singer

1939 Lloyd Axworthy Canadian academic and politician 2nd Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

1939 Wafic Saïd Syrian-Saudi Arabian financier businessman and philanthropist

1939 Nancy Graves American sculptor and painter (d. 1995)

1939 Ghulam Ahmad Bilour Pakistani businessman and politician

1939 Bob James American keyboard player songwriter and producer

1939 Akong Rinpoche Tibetan-Chinese spiritual leader (d. 2013)

1939 Fred Schepisi Australian director and screenwriter

1939 John Amos American actor

1939 Philip Anschutz American businessman founded Anschutz Entertainment Group

1939 Frank McLintock Scottish footballer and manager

1939 Michelle Urry American journalist and illustrator (d. 2006)

1939 Ed Bruce American country music singer-songwriter (d. 2021)

1939 Glenda Adams Australian author and academic (d. 2007)

1939 Felix Pappalardi American singer-songwriter bass player and producer (d. 1983)

1939 Willye White American sprinter and long jumper (d. 2007)

1939 John M. Fabian American colonel pilot and astronaut

1939 Fritjof Capra Austrian physicist author and academic

1939 Claude François Egyptian-French singer-songwriter and dancer (d. 1978)

1939 Paul Gillmor American lawyer and politician (d. 2007)

1939 Ekaterina Maximova Russian ballerina (d. 2009)

1939 Joe Sample American pianist and composer (d. 2014)

1939 Jean Beaudin Canadian director and screenwriter (d. 2019)

1939 Mike Farrell American actor director producer activist and public speaker

1939 Jair Rodrigues Brazilian singer (d. 2014)

1939 Leon Kass American physician scientist and educator

1939 Ray Manzarek American singer-songwriter keyboard player and producer (d. 2013)

1939 Chuck Wepner American professional boxer

1939 Kit Bond American lawyer and politician 47th Governor of Missouri

1939 Adam Osborne Thai-Indian engineer and businessman founded the Osborne Computer Corporation (d. 2003)

1939 Claudio Magris Italian scholar author and translator

1939 Phillip Adams Australian journalist and producer

1939 Arlen Ness American motorcycle designer and entrepreneur (d. 2019)

1939 William Bell American singer-songwriter

1939 Ali Khamenei Iranian cleric and politician 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran

1939 Lido Vieri Italian football manager and football player

1939 Ruth Perry president of Liberia (d. 2017)

1939 Shringar Nagaraj Indian actor and producer (d. 2013)

1939 Corin Redgrave English actor and activist (d. 2010)

1939 Mariele Ventre Italian singer and conductor (d. 1995)

1939 Amanda Lear Hong Kong-French singer-songwriter and actress

1939 Cleavon Little American actor and comedian (d. 1992)

1939 Patrick Cormack Baron Cormack English historian journalist and politician

1939 Giovanni Falcone Italian lawyer and judge (d. 1992)

1939 Gordon O'Connor Canadian general and politician 38th Canadian Minister of Defence

1939 Ion Țiriac Romanian tennis player and manager

1939 Ken Warby Australian motorboat racer

1939 Giorgio Zancanaro Italian baritone

1939 John Ogbu Nigerian-American anthropologist and professor (d. 2003)

1939 Elspeth Ballantyne Australian actress

1939 Peter S. Beagle American author and screenwriter

1939 Gro Harlem Brundtland Norwegian physician and politician 22nd Prime Minister of Norway

1939 Johnny Tillotson American singer-songwriter

1939 Marty Wilde English singer-songwriter and actor

1939 Desiré Ecaré Ivorian filmmaker (d. 2009)

Al Unser

Profession - Auto Racer

Born - May 29,1939

Died - Dec 09,2021


Alan Ayckbourn

Profession - Playwright

Born - Apr 12,1939


Ali Hosseini Khamenei

Profession -

Born - Apr 19,1939


Ali MacGraw

Profession - Actress

Born - Apr 01,1939


Bobby Hull

Profession - NHL Legend

Born - Jan 03,1939

Died - Jan 30,2023


Brian Mulroney

Profession - Prime Minister of Canada

Born - Mar 20,1939


Cale Yarborough

Profession - Auto Racer

Born - Mar 27,1939


Carl Yastrzemski

Profession - MLB

Born - Aug 22,1939


David Frost

Profession - TV Host

Born - Apr 07,1939

Died - Aug 31,2013


Ernie Davis

Profession - American Football Player

Born - Dec 14,1939

Died - May 18,1963


F. Murray Abraham

Profession - Actor

Born - Oct 24,1939


Francis Ford Coppola

Profession - Filmmaker

Born - Apr 07,1939


Harry Reid

Profession - US Senator

Born - Dec 02,1939

Died - Dec 28,2021


Ian McKellen

Profession - Actor

Born - May 25,1939


Jack Fisher

Profession - MLB

Born - Mar 04,1939


Jackie Stewart

Profession - Auto Racer

Born - Jun 11,1939


Jim Bakker

Profession -

Born - Jan 02,1939


Jim Bouton

Profession - Baseball Pitcher

Born - Mar 08,1939

Died - Jul 10,2019


JoAnne Carner

Profession - Golfer

Born - Apr 04,1939


Joe Clark

Profession - Prime Minister of Canada

Born - Jun 05,1939


John Cleese

Profession - Actor

Born - Oct 27,1939


John Howard

Profession - Australian Prime Minister

Born - Jul 26,1939


Jorge Paulo Lemann

Profession - Mogul

Born - Aug 26,1939


Kathy Whitworth

Profession - Golfer

Born - Sep 27,1939

Died - Dec 24,2022


Lee Harvey Oswald

Profession - Assassin

Born - Oct 18,1939

Died - Nov 24,1963


Lee Trevino

Profession - Golfer

Born - Dec 01,1939


Lou Brock

Profession -

Born - Jun 18,1939

Died - Sep 06,2020


Margaret Atwood

Profession - Author

Born - Nov 18,1939


Maria Bueno

Profession - Tennis Champion

Born - Oct 11,1939

Died - Jun 08,2018


Marvin Gaye

Profession - Singer

Born - Apr 02,1939

Died - Apr 01,1984


Max Robinson

Profession -

Born - May 01,1939

Died - Dec 20,1988


Mike Ditka

Profession - NFL Head Coach

Born - Oct 18,1939


Peter Bogdanovich

Profession - Director

Born - Jul 30,1939

Died - Jan 06,2022


Phil Everly

Profession - Singer

Born - Jan 19,1939

Died - Jan 03,2014


Phil Niekro

Profession -

Born - Apr 01,1939

Died - Dec 26,2020


Phil Spector

Profession - Music Producer

Born - Dec 26,1939

Died - Jan 16,2021


Ralph Boston

Profession - Jumper

Born - May 09,1939


Ralph Lauren

Profession - Fashion Designer

Born - Oct 14,1939


Ray Stevens

Profession - Singer

Born - Jan 24,1939


Robin Knox-Johnston

Profession - Sailor

Born - Mar 17,1939


Seamus Heaney

Profession - Poet

Born - Apr 13,1939

Died - Aug 30,2013


Tina Turner

Profession - Singer

Born - Nov 26,1939

Died - May 24,2023


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